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NJ Academy of Science is celebrating its 67th Annual meeting on  Saturday May 14, 2022, the event is virtual with 130+ live presentations. This year we are honored to have two great scientific female role models as keynote speakers, Amanda Fuller, MS -  President, National Association of  Academies of Science and Denise Gemmellaro, PhD - President of the European Society of Forensic Science (EUSFS). Both keynote speakers are trailblazers in their respective fields and scientific endeavors. The junior academy will be showcasing their scientific presentations in the morning while the senior academy will be showcasing their presentation in the afternoon. In addition this year, we will have professional development sessions on resume writing, grant writing and STEM curriculum. All guest please register at NJAS 67th Annual Meeting registration link

Meeting Agenda & Technical Assistance Information

In addition this year,  The executive board will be initiating its 2022 fundraiser that will start this week and will end on August 31, 2022. The proposed plan is  to raise  a $5,000  fundraiser  to assist in the following plans. NJAS will allocate funding for the following initiatives with your support. 

1. Senior Academy Research grant ($1000 to 2 students at the undergraduate or graduate level)

2. NJAS will support the senior academy by honoring 5 NJ students who will attend NJ higher education institutions with $300 college scholarships.

3. Assist 4 students with $250 for their registration at AJAS meeting.

Fundraiser Link

*This is the first time the NJ Academy of Science with your support will sponsor such initiatives. For sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to njacademyofscience@gmail.com

Lastly, the executive board has various executive positions open, most importantly, the president position. I would love to extend my deepest gratitude for your support over the past 3 years. It has been an honor to serve the NJ Academy of Science (NJAS) organization and its members. As a team, we have been able to surpass all the challenges for the past three years, we created the NJ at the STEM front seminar series, we were versatile and did not cancel any of the  annual meetings despite the health crisis, we honored a NJ scientist with the Elite NJAS scientific award, we inaugurated  the Colloquium for LIFE for Middle School  and HS students, the NJAS newsletter was revamp (Thank you Ms. Donna Leonardi),  we PUBLISHED the 2021 edition of the Bulletin (Thank you Dr. Joseph Spagna), and NJAS was recognized as one of the best 2022 STEM organizations in our state by the NJ STEM Pathways. It is time to transfer the president position to the next candidate who would love to pursue this leadership role and continue to work towards the NJ academy of science initiatives. Please send your interest by May 13, 2022. We will showcase the candidates at the 67th annual meeting and allow the NJ academy of science members  to vote by May 31, 2022. NJAS executive board candidate form

Thank you for your time and consideration, please register and participate at this event.

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