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2022 NJ Academy of Science Fundraiser 

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The executive board will be initiating its 2022 fundraiser that will start on May 8th and will end on August 31, 2022. The proposed plan is to raise a $5,000 fundraiser to assist in the following plans. NJAS will allocate funding for the following initiatives with your support. 1. Senior Academy Research grant ($1000 to 2 students at the undergraduate or graduate level) 2. NJAS will support the senior academy by honoring 5 NJ students who will attend NJ higher education institutions with $300 college scholarships. 3. Assist 4 students with $250 for their registration at AJAS meeting.
Goal: $5,000.00
Collected: $20.00

Second Option 

Visit the NJAS Store - Get some NJAS logo items - Please look at the NJAS fundraiser store - get your T Shirts (Option A), NJAS shopping bags (Option B) - remember NJ is plastic bag free - kill 2 birds with one stone - Help support NJAS while you get your bag affirming you are Pro-STEM.

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