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The 66th NJ Academy of Science Virtual Research Competition

This year marked the NJ Academy of Science (NJAS) 66th anniversary of bringing students and researchers together to exchange scientific ideas together.  Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the NJ Academy of Science (NJAS) 66th annual meeting was modified into a virtual research competition, where each participants were given chances to make their presentations via zoom. Over 100 students participated in this year's research competition.

The virtual research competition gives students (High school, undergraduate and graduate students) a chance to present original scientific research and compete for the opportunity to have their research abstract published, to compete at the 2022 national  American Junior Academy of Science (junior academy level), or serve as the NJ Academy of Science delegate at the 2022 American Association for the Advancement of Science (senior academy level).

The NJAS Board would like to Congratulate all the participants for their support and commitment to science. Please see below for the 2021 NJ Academy of Science Virtual Research Competition Winners.

Senior Academy Attendees

Kiruthika Balasubramanian, Ph.D.  

Project Title: Galectin-3 In Urine Of Cancer Patients: Stage And Tissue Specificity

Connor Baucom; Saul Diaz.

Project Title: The Genetics Behind Juvenile Huntington’s Disease And Reflections Of A Case Study Regarding A Child With JHD

Sudeep Khadka.

Project Title: Role Of IP3R Protein In Fertilization: Mediating Calcium Oscillation In Fertilized Oocyte

Kristie Reilly Ph.D.

Project Title: Faculty Discussion on Book Release

Junior Academy Winners


1st place: Daniel Lin

2nd place:Giovanna Onofrietti

3rd place: Zoe Zachiko

Cell & Molecular Biology:

1st place: Hannah Park and Dhingra Myra  (tie)

2nd place: Harnoor Sachar

*3rd price was exempt from this category

Topical Reviews:

1st place: Carley Zhou
*2nd price & 
3rd price was exempt from this category

Earth Science:

1st place: Emily Jones
*2nd price & 3rd price was exempt from this category

Health and Medicine:

1st place: Neha Vazarkar
2nd place: Zerlina Huang

3rd place: Bill Zhang


1st place: David Chang
2nd place: Gong Jue

3rd place: Dohi Kosei


1st place:  Juliette Onofrietti
2nd place: John Clausing

3rd place: Aravind Krishnan


1st place: Ethan Chia and Jonathan Levy
2nd place: Kaitlyn Culbert

3rd place: Harrison Banks and Rhea Raghu (tie)


1st place: Kathy Zhang

2nd place: Sidharth Srivastava

3rd place: Anastasia Samets


1st place: Grace Park

2nd place: Erik Lee

3rd place: Seehanah Tang and Ayan Lateef (tie)

Micro Biology:

1st place: Katherine Fang

2nd place: Antonakakis Kathleen

3rd place: Rayan Jawa


1st place: Ryan Schager

2nd place: Liau Brandon

3rd place: Sumaiya Tasnim

The NJAS Board gratefully acknowledges the following scientists and educators who volunteered their time as judges for the 2021 NJ Academy of Science Virtual Research Competition

Dr. Agnes T. Berki (Caldwell University)

Thomas Chen, BS (Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering)

Dr. Smriti Zaneveld (Lazarus 3D, Inc.)

Nancy Farlow, MS (Lincoln High School)

Cailin O'Connor, MS (Kean University)

Yaman Thapa, BS (Caldwell University)

Chrissy Rebert, MS (Teq)

Will Heyniger, MS (Kean University)

Roberta Batorsky, MS (Temple University)

Dr. Eric Forgoston (Montclair State University)

Dr. Kiruthika balasubramanian (American cancer society volunteer)

Dr. Ying Cui (Montclair State University)

Dr. Rongsun Pu (Kean University)

Nadia Makar, MS (Jose Marti STEM Academy)

Dr. Sasmita Mishra (Kean University)

Dr. Stacy Onofrietti (MC)

Dr. Walter Korfmacher (Consultant)

Dr. Melissa Baralt (Berkeley College)

Dr. Genesis Julyus T. Agcaoili (Southside Virginia Community College)

Dr. Robert O'Hagan (Montclair State University)

Dr. "Eli" Il-Hyung Lee (Montclair State University)

Dr. Silky Kamdar (BMS)

Yuriko Root, MS (Kean University)

James Danch, MS (Colonia High School)

Dr. Grace Cook (Bloomfield College)

Dr. Darryl Aucoin (Caldwell University)

Dr. Laura Lorentzen (Kean University)

Dr. Eric Iannacone (Raritan Valley Community College)

Dr. Kristie Reilly (Kean University)

Dr. Tiffany Morris (Bard High School Early College)

Sirag Mahmood, MS (NJIT)

Dr. Mira Franke (Kean University)

Blanca Rosales-Ahn, MS (Kean University)

Joyce Zhou, BS (Columbia University)

Dr. Vrushank Bhatt (Rutgers University)

Dr. Yash Shah (University of Michigan)

Dr. Maria Agapito (Bard High School Early College/Kean University)

Dr. Julian Paul Keenan (Montclair State University)

Dr. Paul Bologna (Montclair State University)

Dr. Joseph Spagna (William Patterson University)

Dr. Kristie Reilly (Kean University)

Dr. Denise Gemmellaro (Kean University)

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