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The New Jersey Academy of Science is proud to be completing its sixtieth four year of active work in NJ.  In 1954, corporate professionals and academicians saw the need to encourage the furthering of scientific research and education in NJ.  They founded the NJAS with the vision that the Academy of Science would play a dynamic role in the state’s scientific community.  Several years later, the Academy became an affiliate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and a member of the National Academies of Science (NAS).  Since that time, the Academy has grown to become a vital nexus between corporations, academia, and state government in NJ. 

In the last sixty-five years, thousands of hours have been invested by our members with many awards and grants having been given to deserving students, all with the intent to encourage and nurture the scientists and science educators of tomorrow. 

Looking ahead, it is clear that the demands and challenges that lay ahead require renewed effort and commitment.  The demands on the scientific community to meet a variety of global technological challenges have never been greater.  Our national leaders today view the application of scientific breakthroughs as the solution to many unidentified challenges to be faced in the next fifty years.   New Jersey stands at the forefront of much of this research.

It is the Academy’s intention to lead the way in addressing tomorrow’s scientific needs by focusing our attention and programs on scientific research that addresses corporate needs, to enhance continued training and retention of science educators at all levels, and to excite the imaginations of today’s students for science.  To that end, the Academy works to facilitate the dissemination of scientific information within the scientific community as well as between researchers and stakeholders within the wider community through its newsletters; “The Bulletin”, a semi-annual peer reviewed journal for scientific articles of general interest, and most importantly, network and program opportunities for participation with other scientific professionals in NJ. 

Hosted by different universities around the state, the NJAS conducts an annual symposium and meeting that includes the research competition for both Senior (college) and Junior (high school) Academies.  Snacking with a scientist  events, where high school students meet informally with science professionals to discuss careers, are held semi-annually.

Teachers and high school students conducting research will find information pertaining to high school programs and activities under the Junior Academy Menu.  Undergraduate, Graduate and Science Professionals will primarily find information pertaining to their activities under the Senior Academy menus

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