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Call for Manuscripts for The Bulletin

Individuals seeking publication of their work are urged to consider submitting their manuscripts to The Bulletin, the peer-reviewed journal of the New Jersey Academy of Science.  We are currently on a twice-yearly publication schedule, which consists of a spring issue and a fall issue. 

Original papers and reviews in any field of science are considered for publication.  Manuscripts should be submitted to Dr. Michael Kennish, Editor, Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University , 71 Dudley Road , New Brunswick , NJ 08901 .  Instructions for contributors are printed on the inside back cover of each issue of The Bulletin and are now available on the NJAS website, in the Bulletin section.  Anyone having questions about the review and/or publication process should contact the editor at (732) 932-6555, ext. 240 or kennish@imcs.rutgers.edu.

Click for Instructions for Contributors to The Bulletin.

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